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Travel Advisory List

Afghanistan (Middle East)

Burundi (Africa)

Central African Republic (Africa)

Democratic Republic of the Congo (Africa)

Haiti (Caribbean)

Iran (Middle East)

Iraq (Middle East)

Lebanon (Middle East)

Libya (Africa)

Mali (Africa)

Myanmar (Asia)

Niger (Africa)

Nigeria (Africa)

North Korea (Asia)

Palestine (Middle East)

Somalia (Africa)

South Sudan (Africa)

Sudan (Africa)

Syria (Middle East)

Yemen (Middle East)

Travelers should always be cautious and know there are always risks when traveling to foreign countries. But some countries of the world are more dangerous than others due to past or ongoing conflicts as well as civil, political or cultural unrest. The risk of terrorism over the years has increasingly been a serious issue in many countries around the world. 

The Travel Advisory List contains a list of countries where there is an extreme risk to personal safety for those visiting these countries. World Travel Cafe does offer accommodations in these countries, but  we do not provide profiles of these countries on our website. Travel to these destinations should be avoided. Those intent on visiting these countries do so AT THEIR OWN RISK.

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