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General Facts

Area: 444 km2 (171 sq miles)

Capital City: Willemstad

Population: 160,337 (2017 estimate)

Official Languages: Dutch, Papiamentu, English

Boarding Countries: None (Island)

Coastline: 364 km (226 miles)

Currency: Netherlands Antillean Guilder (ANG)

Government: Constitutional Monarchy 


Located in the tropics, just 12° north of the Equator -- and outside of the hurricane belt, Curaçao has a warm, sunny climate year round. The average temperature is about 27° C (mid 80s F). Refreshing trade winds blow constantly from the east, picking up in the spring months. The rainy season, October to February, is marked by short, occasional showers, usually at night, and continued sunny weather by day. Total annual rainfall averages only 570 mm (22 inches).

Five Largest Cities/Towns: 

1. Willemstad (135,000)

2. Tera Cora (4,388)

3. Labadera (2,627)

4. Barber (2,411)

5. Soto (2,233)

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