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Timor-Leste (East Timor)

General Facts

Area: 15,410 km2 (5,950 sq miles)

Capital City: Dili

Population: 1,167,242 (2015 census)

Official Languages: Tetum, Portuguese 

Boarding Countries: Indonesia

Coastline: 706 km (439 miles)

Currency: US Dollar (USD)

Government: Semi-Presidential Constitutional Republic


Temperatures in the dry season, from May to November, average 20 - 33°c (68 - 91°f). The weather during this season is pleasant and dry. Around October or November, oppressive humidity arrives and monsoon cloud activity builds up. The wet season, from December to April, sees average temperatures of 29 - 35°c (84 - 95°f), with heavy rains and flooding. In the mountains, daytime temperatures are warm to hot, but are cool to cold at night. Earthquakes, tsunamis, and tropical cyclones occur.

Five Largest Cities/Towns: 

1. Dili (150,000)

2. Same (25,000)

3. Maliana (22,000)

4. Suai (21,539)

5. Liquica (19,000)

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