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General Facts

Area: 108,889 km2 (42,042 sq miles)

Capital City: Guatemala City

Population: 17,263,239 (2018 estimate)

Official Languages: Spanish

Boarding Countries: Mexico, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador

Coastline: 400 km (249 miles)

Currency: Quetzal (GTQ)

Government: Presidential Republic


Temperature varies with altitude. The average annual temperature on the coast ranges from 25 to 30°c (77 to 86°f); in the central highlands the average is 20°c (68°f), and in the higher mountains 15°c (59°f). In Guatemala City, the average January minimum is 11°c (52°f) and the maximum 23°c (73°f); the average minimum and maximum temperatures in July are, respectively, 16°c (61°f) and 26°c (79°f). The rainy season extends from May to October inland and to December along the coast, and the dry season from November (or January) to April. Because of its consistently temperate climate, Guatemala has been called the "Land of Eternal Spring."

Five Largest Cities: 

1. Guatemala City (942,348)

2. Mixco (384,428)

3. Villa Nueva (301,947)

4. Quetzaltenango (120,496)

5. San Miguel Petapa (94,228)

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