General Facts

Area: 111,369 km2 (43,000 sq miles)

Capital City: Monrovia

Population: 4,503,000 (2015 estimate)

Official Languages: English

Boarding Countries: Sierra Leone, Guinea, Ivory Coast

Coastline: 579 km (360 miles) 

Currency: Liberian Dollar (LRD), US Dollar (USD)

Government: Presidential Republic


The climate is tropical and humid, with little change in temperature throughout the year. The mean is 27°c (81°f), with temperatures rarely exceeding 36°c (97°f) or falling below 20°c (68°f). On the coast the heat is tempered by an almost constant breeze. Yearly rainfall is as high as 510 cm (200 in) on the coast, decreasing to about 200 cm (80 in) in areas farthest inland. There are distinct wet and dry seasons, most of the rainfall occurring between late April and mid-November.

Five Largest Cities/Towns: 

1. Monrovia (939,524)

2. Gharnga (45,835)

3. Kakata (33,945)

4. Bensonville (33,188)

5. Harper (32,661)