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General Facts

Area: 587,041 km2 (226,658 sq miles)

Capital City: Antananarivo

Population: 24,894,551 (2016 estimate)

Official Languages: French, Malagasy

Boarding Countries: None (Island)

Coastline: 4,828 km (3,000 miles) 

Currency: Malagasy Ariary (MGA)

Government: Semi-Presidential Constitutional Republic


The climate of the eastern and northwestern coasts is dominated by the almost constant blowing of the southeasterly trade winds. Generally speaking, the climate throughout the island is moderated by altitude, with the coast being hotter (average temperatures 21–27°c, or 70–80°f) and wetter than the plateau (average temperatures 13–19°c, or 55–67°f). Toamasina (Tamatave), on the east coast, has 284 cm (112 in) of rainfall annually, while Antananarivo, inland, has about 140 cm (55 in). 


Five Largest Cities/Towns: 

1. Antananarivo (1,391,433)

2. Toamasina (206,373)

3. Antsirabe (186,253)

4. Fianarantsoa (167,227)

5. Mahajanga (154,657)

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