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General Facts

Area: 741 km2 (286 sq miles)

Capital City: Funchal

Population: 289,000 (2016 estimate)

Official Languages: Portuguese

Boarding Countries: None (Island)

Coastline: 159 km (99 miles) 

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Government: Regional Government


The climate is very mild. Daytime temperatures hover around 19/20 degrees Celsius (66/68 °F) from December to April, and exceed 20 °C (68 °F) between May and November, reaching 26 °C (79 °F) in August and September. Minimum temperatures hover around 13/15 °C (55/59 °F) from December to May, and around 17/19 °C (63/66 °F) from June to October. Rainfall is concentrated in the period from October to mid-April, when it's quite frequent, while in summer it almost never rains. In the city of Porto Santo, annual rainfall does not reach 400 millimetres (16 inches), while in Funchal, the capital, located in the island of Madeira, it's around 640 mm (25 in). 


Five Largest Cities/Towns: 

1. Funchal (111,892)

2. Camara de Lobos (34,614)

3. Santa Cruz (29,721)

4. Machico (10,894)

5. Ponta do Sol (8,862)

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