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General Facts

Area: 75,417 km2 (29,119 sq miles)

Capital City: Panama City

Population: 4,034,119 (2016 estimate)

Official Languages: Spanish

Boarding Countries: Colombia, Costa Rica

Coastline: 2,490 km (1,547 miles)

Currency: Balboa (PAB), US Dollar (USD)

Government: Presidential constitutional republic


Panama is tropical, but temperatures vary according to location and altitude. The annual average temperature on both coasts is 29°c (81°f), and it ranges from 10° to 19°c (50 to 66°f) at various mountain elevations. There is little seasonal change in temperature, with warm days and cool nights throughout the year. Humidity is quite high, however, averaging 80%. Rainfall averages 178 cm (70 in) in Panama City and 328 cm (129 in) in Colón. The period of lightest rainfall is from January to March.

Five Largest Cities: 

1. Panama City (880,691)

2. San Miguelito (315,019)

3. Tocumen (103,177)

4. David (89,442)

5. Las Chorrera (68,896 )

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