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Puerto Rico

General Facts

Area: 9,104 km2 (3,515 sq miles)

Capital City: San Juan

Population: 3,411,307 (2016 census)

Official Languages: Spanish, English

Boarding Countries: None (Island)

Coastline: 501 km (311.3 miles)

Currency: US Dollar (USD)

Government: Commonwealth 


Although tropical. San Juan has a normal daily mean temperature of 80°f (27°c), ranging from 77°f (25°c) in January to 82°f (28°c) in July; the normal daily minimum is 73°f (23°c), the maximum 86°f (30°c). Rainfall varies by region. Ponce, on the south coast, averages only 32 in (81 cm) a year, while the highlands average 108 in (274 cm); the rain forest on El Yunque receives an annual average of 183 in (465 cm). San Juan's average annual rainfall is 54 in (137 cm), the rainiest months being May through November.

Five Largest Cities/Towns: 

1. San Juan (418,140)

2. Bayamon (203,499)

3. Carolina (170,404)

4. Ponce (152,634)

5. Caguas (86,804)

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