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South Korea

General Facts

Area: 100,210 km2 (38,690 sq miles)

Capital City: Seoul

Population: 51,4466,201 (2017 estimate)

Official Languages: Korean, Korean Sign Language  

Boarding Countries: North Korea

Coastline: 2,413 km (1,499 miles)

Currency: South Korean Won (KRW)

Government: Presidential Constitutional Republic


South Korea has a temperate climate with four distinct seasons. Winters are usually long, cold and dry. Summers are very short, hot, and humid. Spring and autumn are pleasant but also short in duration. Seoul's mean temperature in January is -5 degrees Celsius to - 2.5° Celsius (23°- 27,5° Fahrenheit) and in July the mean temperature is about 22.5° C to 25° C (71°- 75° F). The country generally has enough rainfall, rarely it does less than 75 centimeters of rain fall in any given year; for the most part, rainfall is over 100 centimeters.

Five Largest Cities/Towns: 

1. Seoul (10,349,312)

2. Busan (3,678,555)

3. Incheon (2,628,000)

4. Daegu (2,566,540)

5. Daejeon (1,475,221)

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