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General Facts

Area: 163,821 km2 (63,252 sq miles)

Capital City: Paramaribo

Population: 558,368 (2016 estimate)

Official Languages: Dutch

Boarding Countries: Guyana, French Guiana

Coastline: 386 km (240 miles)

Currency: Surinamese Dollar (SRD)

Government: Parliamentary Republic


The climate is tropical and moist. Daytime temperatures range from 28–32°c (82–90°f). At night the temperature drops as low as 21°c (70°f) because of the moderating influence of the north-east trade winds, which blow in from the sea all year. The annual rainfall in Paramaribo is about 230 cm (90 in). May to August is the main rainy season, with a lesser rainy season from November to February.

Five Largest Cities/Towns: 

1. Paramaribo (223,757)

2. Lelydorp (18,223)

3. Brokopondo (14,662)

4. Nieuw Nickerie (13,143)

5. Moengo (7,074)

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